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This forum is dying...Gas Prices.... I dont fill up bc i'm always thinking prices will drop 20 cents ....

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the day after. But that's not working.

What do you folks do to offset the gouging?



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Grit my teeth an bear it. I fly a lot but when home, we don't have to drive much. Will probably drive up to Seattle in a couple weeks. That's close to 200 miles. It's still the rainy season here in the PNW but in another month we'll be on the roads a bit. Short getaways plus just traveling to trailheads within a couple hours drive. It is what it is.

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Im a bike rider but thats not for everyone

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The cure for High Prices is High Prices. When it becomes Too painful to fill the car,Nobody will fill the car.

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When you once blew hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary "recreational" things, a few extra dollars for gas or a bag of groceries is nothing. Like they say "it's all relative."


Luv riding my bike, its great exercise!peace_5

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I'm charging my clients a $25 fuel surcharge if I have to travel more than 20 miles.  No complaints so far.

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 Exactly what the socialists want us to do to push their delusional fake green global climate change agenda. 

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Let supply and demand determine the price.  

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 Turn off Saudi Oil Prince owned Fox Spews

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Vote Red this November

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