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Use this tool to get the best odds for every golf tournament on the PGA schedule from the top sportsbooks for PGA golf odds. On top of the weekly tournaments, we feature odds for the majors, including the Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and British Open odds. Coupled with our free golf betting picks, this will make you a smarter golf bettor.

PGA golf odds explained

All legal sportsbooks offer betting odds on golf. Oddsmakers produce odds for golf tournaments based on the probability of each golfer winning. The top golfers and tournament favorites will have shorter odds. However, they can still be found at plus money before tournaments teeing off. Long shots have much longer odds providing tremendous value on the wager if the golfer manages to outplay the field.

Types of golf odds formats

Golf odds can be found in a few different formats, depending on your region and sportsbook: American odds, decimal odds, and fractional odds.

How to read and interpret golf odds

American odds

American odds are the most common type of betting odds used in North America. They are based on positive and negative numbers meeting at +100 or even money. A favorite to win a tournament might have odds to win at +700. If the bet wins, you will get $700 for every $100 wagered (or $70 for every $10 wagered). Suppose you were betting on a golfer’s odds to win in the fourth round, and they enjoyed a hefty lead. In that case, their odds might shorten drastically and move into the negatives. For example, if their odds were -110, a bettor would have to wager $110 to win $100.

Decimal Odds

The second most common type of betting odd is the decimal format. Decimal odds are also known as multipliers, allowing bettors to multiply their wager by the odds to determine the profitability. Going by the example above, The pre-tournament favorite would have decimal odds of 8.0. A winning $10 bet would profit $70 plus the returned $10 stake for $80 (10x8). Their shortened odds later in the tournament would have a much smaller modifier (1.91).

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are standard at British sportsbooks and American horse racing odds. By converting the previous example to fractional, you would see it as 7/1, and the same payout rates would apply. The shortened odds would read as 91/100.

Odds Converter

You can easily convert between odds formats and payouts with Covers’ odds calculator.

Golf betting markets explained

Tournament Winner

Often referred to as “outrights or “to win,” tournament winner odds ask betters to wager on which golfer will win a tournament outright at the end of four rounds. These odds can be bet on before the start of a tournament or live bet throughout the tournament.

Top nationality

Top Nationality odds ask bettors to bet on the best golfer from a particular country in a tournament. For example, Justin Thomas would have odds to be the top American finisher in any given tournament he plays in.

Top 5, Top 10, and Top 20 finishes

Top Finishes odds let bettors wager on whether a golfer will finish the tournament within the Top 5, 10, 20, or more golfers in the whole tournament through four rounds of golf or the top finishers of each round.

Factors Influencing PGA Golf Odds

Player form and recent performance

Oddsmakers typically use the current form of golfers as a starting point to create the weekly tournament golf odds. Recent tournament wins, and top finishes can affect a golfer’s odds and overall level of play.

Course history and suitability

Golf odds try to match a player’s strengths and weaknesses to the course and past results on courses. Golf courses with wider fairways and longer hole lengths favor golfers who hit the ball long. In contrast, narrow fairways and hazards reward greater driving accuracy. Courses with water and sand bunkers, unpredictable greens, and tricky pin placement emphasize the need for accuracy and solid scrambling metrics.

Weather conditions

Weather plays a significant role in golf as it can impact how a course plays, with factors like strong winds and rain affecting a player’s strategy. The weather can also differ throughout the day, with golfers facing varying weather depending on their start times. Early morning golfers may face a softer and slower course than those playing later in the afternoon when the sun and heat have dried out the fairways and greens, making them play faster.

Injuries and withdrawals

Injuries and withdrawals can have significant impacts on golf odds. Golfers playing through nagging injuries will get longer odds as their probability of victory decreases with the severity of the injury. Golfers who withdraw from tournaments with injuries or for other reasons go off the board, and the odds of other golfers of their caliber adjust accordingly.

Field strength and competition

The presence or absence of elite golfers affects the odds for all other golfers in the field. If the No. 1 golfer in the world isn’t playing in a given tournament, the odds for other elite golfers to win could shorten as oddsmakers weigh the field, course conditions, and history.

Strategies for Betting on PGA Golf Odds

Get more tips on handicapping golf odds with our expertly-written how-to bet-on golf guide that teaches new bettors how to assess the value of bets, further information on the importance of course history and fit, and more.

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